Ox In Flames

Garage Services

Our workshop is manned by qualified technicians, mechanics who are very experienced in working on all makes of vehicle. The workshop is well equipped with the latest technology in equipment and tools necessary to work on vehicles today.

Our mechanics can undertake any repair required from replacing a bulb to most technical engine rebuild, we aim to complete such work with the minimum of delay and loss of on-road time, please ask for a quotation for any repair required.

The parts we use are readily available from stock or same day supply. Each part is quality assured and carries a 12 month manufacturers warranty. We are continually sourcing parts at the best possible prices, which in turn are passed on to you, the customer.

All details relating to customer's vehicle are kept on a continuously updated database, which allows our mechanic instant access to all vehicle history, in accordance with Data Protection guidelines.

Car Servicing
We will service any make or model of car or light commercial vehicle. The service will be carried out to the manufacturers service schedule. If your car has incomplete service history and you are unsure where to start, there is no need to worry, we will pinpoint the exact requirements to keep the cost to a minimum.

During the service, if we find that further repairs are required, before any additional work is started we will contact you to advise of the problem and quote a price for your approval. We never carry out unnecessary work and will be happy to keep old parts for your inspection if you require.

Our mechanics are trained in all areas of the modern braking systems including anti-lock brakes, tractional control and brake efficiency testing. We carry out work on all makes of vehicle from fitting a new set of pads to a complete brake system overhaul. If necessary, we carry out a brake fluid check, as brake fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals due to atmospheric contamination.

Quality new clutches are fitted, each carrying a manufacturers warranty. We do not fit reconditioned clutches.

Timing and Cam Belts
Camshaft belts with any tensioners, rollers, etc., should always be replaced at manufacturers recommenced intervals, otherwise extensive damage can occur to the engine. If you are unsure as to when the manufacturers recommended change time is for your vehicle, we would be pleased to advise you.

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